The Heartbreak Campaign

by Jamie 4 President

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Limited edition 300 copies 12"black vinyl. 12 euros + shipping.
Edición limitada 300 copias vinilo negro 12". 12 euros + tasas,

Vinyl release on Bcore Disc, La Agonia de Vivir, Discos Finu and Pifia Recs. Japanese Cd edition on Waterslide Records.


released September 15, 2017

Recorded during 6 days in September 2016 at Ultramarinos Costa Brava (Sant Feliu de Guíxols). Produced and engineered by Santi García, assisted by Borja Perez del Pozo. Mastered at Ultramarinos Mastering by Victor García. Artwork by Pablo's Killers and cover photo courtesy of Daniel Marques Salgado.
Jamie R. Green-Vocals and Guitars
Pablo Gonzalez- Drums
Santi Garcia- Bass and Guitar solo on "Mexico 86"
Xavier Calvet- Backing Vox on "Everything Fades" and "Power Ballad Prince"


all rights reserved



Jamie 4 President Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: The Day I Fell for a Gypsy Girl
Never thought my hair would curl, the day I fell for a gypsy girl. I lost all sense of clarity and the world spun all around me. She mentioned I was cynical and I wrote my case off as clinical. Slowly my psyche became undone like an old Polaroid that got burnt by the sun.
Farewell then, I was wondering if life's what happens in between can I have more of it.
At first everything else seemed small and then I received that late night call. She told me our story was sinking, so I put it all down to my drinking. I spoke to a friend with experience who told me my mind was delirious. "Don't get lost in those in and out's 'cause in life every second counts."
Farewell then, I was wondering if life's what happens in between can I have more of it.
Better the devil you know, another way to cure your dying heart. Social media arrange even the impossible. I'll follow the melody flow 'cause there are some people better off apart so here's one happy end.
Track Name: Candyfloss
Candyfloss, no teeth at twenty. Sugar spun with air. Déjà vu, a feeling that you can’t ignore, the night you took my arm down at the fair.
Candyfloss, my pocket’s empty. Never used to care. A little taste is what it takes and it all rushes back to me. Sleeping in the woods down by the fair.
And you know the ring that we found alone and I snuck it into your room before I turned to go. The light in your room late September glow. As I made my way back home the town below.
(If you’re now married is not my business but I’ll be coming home for Christmas. Booze will dull the memory. Paint the town, red.)
Track Name: Everything Fades
It’s gone midday and I can’t get out of bed. A hundred different voices in my head. The last time we went through this said it would be the last. So much for a promise when your self-belief has crashed.
We may be losers but this time we might win and screw the stereotypes they’re fitting us in. We just do it in the name of fun and are not going to run.
Everything fades except for the sound.
Weary of those who try to prove that they’re well- read and come across as delusional instead. The very same that judge you based on the past but it’s hardly amusing when it’s same place same time smashed.
Everything fades except for the sound, and when all disappears still I hear your voice in stereo.
Track Name: Power Ballad Prince
When you said I was your prince you got locked inside of this. Perhaps your blog’s misleading and you’re a fake all along. Maybe the words deceive me and that’s what you want.
Seven years that have passed since and still those memories make me wince. Old friend’s words so demeaning, a brave face and a hit song. Left staring at the ceiling and that’s what I want.
‘Cause we steal and we lie ‘cause we know we won’t be mistaken. Now the noose is all in place, so let’s go bury ourselves.
Track Name: Secret World
Let’s go away for a while, or disappear completely. Transcend space and time, a secret world of our own. You collect dinosaurs and a canine love that’s growing. Crack me up like Annie Hall and you even have a similar name.
The good things that we’ve shared do far outweigh the problems. The day I watched you brush your hair. Barcelona, May, 2015. A week in London Town will pervade in my memory, and though I often make you frown, there’s a secret world of our own.
Hollywood endings, let’s face it we’re no different from the rest. I’m done with pretending, so while we’re here at least let’s do our best.
Track Name: Mexico 86
You pushed me in the water to the laughter of the rest. Children paint in different colors and nothing really matters. And in the eyes of Emily I was always second best, football dreams and dodgy schemes, that's when life seemed so liberating.
Imagination turns to frustration.
Time was a good friend until it turned into someone I fear, but at least now we’re not afraid of the dark.
Now your heart’s grown colder, colder than the snow that hasn’t fallen for many a winter now. I don’t recognize the boy that I did know. My first real clear memory, a holiday in ’86. Carrying around my sticker album, I wish I hadn’t sold the Millennium Falcon.
Imagination turns to frustration. Jaded and weary, time makes you teary.
Track Name: Far from Blue
Running away from your ghost now it’s started to look real. Rewind the days to the time that you tried to take the wheel.
I see you far from blue, petty rumours don’t mean it’s true.
Give me three words or disappear, I see your pride is aching. I stand accused of exposing domestic bliss you’re faking.
I see you far from blue, a pack of lies tell me it is be true.
Familiar faces in distant places. We could have owned whichever scene we wanted. Go into hiding, I’ll bring the tide in.
I see you far from blue, doesn’t anyone see it. I see you far from blue. A nervous laugh proves that it is true.
Track Name: The Mystery of Amy Woo
I wasn’t familiar with her name, a random photograph. Assumed it to be some kind of hoax. Then she wrote me to tell me I looked friendly and we spoke for a while. She’d never been to Europe, and one thing I was sure of.
Life is over yonder. A future over yonder.
Said Amy “The world’s gone crazy, no respect for human life. All anyone cares about is their own.” So you can call me idealist but I’m fearless and just to prove it tonight. Taking off on the night plane. Kissing goodbye to Spain.
I’ll travel half the world tonight, another chance to do things right. Then she started to show reservations and I was never known for patience.
Amy oh Amy, you’re not going crazy. The last time we spoke the world swallowed us whole.
Track Name: 3 Years and Counting
It took me some time to write these words, ‘cause
she does surpass what I deserve. If it’s a game we
both have won though at times it appeared to be
almost done. A birthday cake, a plastic knife. Now
there is hope where there was strife. Someone
who’s willing to pull me from the depths of
Could it be the end that’s drawing near, or is it
only the beginning?
Some nights the bells chime in the west, in a white
room we lay our bones to rest. The picture’s
doesn’t fit the frame, they call it The Heartbreak
Campaign. Sand castles melt into the sea, on a
beach that always inspires me to fight the urge to
procrastinate. So enjoy it before it is too late.
When tomorrow comes we shouldn’t fear, it could
be only the beginning.
A drop in the ocean, a fire on the mountain, the
planets don’t stop spinning around. Could you be
the one that I love and grow old with? It’s 3 years
and counting from now.
Track Name: Somewhere on the Costa Brava
In ’84 when barely five, Minutemen “Double Nickels on the Dime”, Husker Du and “Zen Arcade” and REM released “Reckoning”. Even mainstream wasn’t so lame, “Born in the USA” and “Purple Rain”. But my favourite honestly was The Replacements album “Let it Be”…

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