by Jamie 4 President

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This album was recorded and mixed at Input Studios (Madrid) in September 2014 with Juan Pedro Miranda. Mastered at Mastering Mansion (Madrid) in October 2014.
All songs written by Jamie Ruiz Green
Produced by Óscar de la Fuente
Performed by Jamie 4 President (Daniel Crespo, Óscar de la Fuente, Pablo Gonzalez, Jamie Ruiz Green).

Thanks for listening xxx


released November 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Jamie 4 President Madrid, Spain


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Track Name: On with the Show
Of all the holes in this town left to seal your gin-soaked fate, you had to choose then to lose all vision inside. We better run now Sorina's feeling frosty. Count the flakes and the clowns, grace a page in the world of sound. Steal a pose from all those with talent to hide. Indifference blows, screw all those in the know. A pretty hoax but who's still buying? On with the show I couldn't stand to stop. I won't sell my soul not a petty drop. My girl's not wrong she rolls in the morning sun. Life seemed clear before the start, words read like a poison dart.
Track Name: June Storm
White noise that fades to blue, soundtrack the serenade. Trace the lines across your shoe, wild horses want the same. They call you January when to me you look like June, you're all I want. Green candles spring parade, we watched them blow out. Closed corners of your mouth, pink lips form lemonade. They call you January when to me you look like June, you're all I want. You may return to your once spurned other, three posters on the wall, a dead gangster's daughter. You took pictures from the shore as we were diving in the water. They call you January when to me you look like June and by this time next year we could be living on the moon and at your sister's wedding when we both slow-danced to "True." You're all I want.
Track Name: A Conversation Ending
I saw you at the show, had to wait for everyone to go, I felt something happened. "Can I stay the night?" In the morning with our tongues still tied in knots you left a blue note that said "babadadada." You got on with my friends I thought the summer would never end but when it all was over, you moved out to the coast. We thought we ought to make the most. A house, a dog and a future. We sang "babadadada." A way to fight routine, someday you'll wash your conscience clean. A conversation ending. A penthouse in Madrid, I never said i wanted kids, the past is not the future. It's all in your head the words that you read but now trust gives way to doubt and in the end love does fade out. Tonight after the show just as the wine began to flow. You dared to ask the question.
Track Name: Now it´s Dark
If the world was ending tonight could we face it both as one? No solitude and in a place less demeaning, bright melodies receiving would echo through the bones of blue life true. Solitude. Newlyweds and blissful heads, in the garden now it's dark. Scream your name but where are you? In the garden now it's dark, newlyweds and blissful heads. Scream your name but where are you? and if the world was ending tonight could we face it both as one? No solitude. We're only skin and bones. Solitude.
Track Name: Suite 501 Destroyed
I live in a hotel, a room with a view. Suite 501, people form a queue. They soak their guilt in my pool, admire the lights of the fair. We lost ourselves last summer but now I'm coming up for air. A corridor of velvet a black dog at my feet. She howls at the moon and the sirens in the street. We float into the white night and then sleep most the day. I bite the hand that feeds me, don't know another way. Don't wanna be around to see the curtain come down. Let's hide within the sound. Don't wanna be awake when the lights go out on this town. Let's hide within the sound. I live in a hotel, a room with a view.
Track Name: This Town is in Trouble
Knocked down, no doubt about it. Once gold, now not inviting. Impressive as your intellect is now you've gone too far, it doesn't feel right. Your touch once automatic, now this town is in trouble. Corruptible as the windmill is I can't swim so far, some memories do bite. I'm all out of breath, eternal doubt, while you hide safe under your smokecloud. Back to old tricks, avoiding life, where once was hope now there's only strife. A sinking ship, the pirate's curse, some actions say so much more than words. The palm trees blow outside your door, a vision I've had before. Life turned and left me on my own, your heart smoulders like the sun. This town is in trouble.
Track Name: Voices
I would like to think this strange urge to drink comes from some higher power that watches over me. In this life we're passers by, you don't get another try so if you don't know me now you'll never know me. You'll never know me now, a thousand voices make a sound and two lovers in the crowd. Awake in the morning to find all has turned sour. A life that's lived on the brink, you ought to just stop and think. What you wanna do, you should do. You'll never know me now, a thousand voices make a sound and two lovers in the crowd. Awake in the morning to find all has turned sour.
Track Name: Full Moon and the First Lady
Spite destroys all grace, a foxy little face. I was all dressed up like an actor but your red hat stole the whole show. Invited you back to my hotel room, you said no. Train to London south where they fined me eighty pounds. Spent two days with my friend from back home listening to "Alien Lanes" and if I could've done any different I would've missed the plane. She gave me a call. The tension in the hall. It was bound to happen sooner or later, she said "You're complicating my life" yelled "I shouldn't see you" and there goes another wife. And as we made out on the sofa, Anna Karina hanging over my shoulder. The Simon and Garfunkel record you turned over and over. And then you led me into your bedroom. It could've been because of the full moon. You gave me your best and I gave you my worst but if I ever see you...
Track Name: The Potty Queen
Born in '21, third to breathe the northern air. Named "the potty queen" she graced my silver screen. Once an army girl, danced in ballrooms in her prime. Met a young stud called Don but they never heard this song. She sang me to sleep. Mint chocolate, barley wine. Morsels she would eat, that's old age for you. Laid out on a bed one winter morning, I did always dread and now the beat's not happening. Green fields below where the wind cries Mary and the trees are cherry ice-cream cones. Red skies above sheltering your sisters and at night the mist says night to the sun.
Track Name: Dolphins
The advertising agency, they could never bury me. Do you still remember when? at school we thought we'd live in California. Do you still remember when? A first hazy vision of home. Disowning all but your own dreams while I just satisfy my needs. Drain your little pool of tears, self-loathing as a tool produces nausea. A thing I learnt over the years, girls say yes to boys who say no. Wine me, dine me, wrap your arms around me. You really had a way with you when we dressed up and thought we were DOLPHINS.